ASHE Corporate Support

Corporate Support

Elevate your organization by becoming an official ASHE partner.  Choose from the Corporate Sponsor Program,  the new ASHE Sustainability Initiative, or ASHE's Engineering Week. 


ASHE Corporate Sponsor Program

Become an ASHE Corporate Sponsor to receive the highest level of recognition and showcase your commitment to leading efficient and sustainable initiatives for health care facilities. 

ASHE Sustainability Initiative

Health care facilities are dedicated to working together to become more sustainable by adopting environmental, social, and fiduciary practices that support healthy, equitable, and resilient environments and communities. In support of its mission of advancing the health of individuals and communities, ASHE provides strategic thought leadership, resources, and programs to support health care organizations pursuing sustainability 

National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week 

Every year in the last week of October, ASHE celebrates the vital role that facility team members have in ensuring a safe and efficient environment for all patients, residents, visitors and staff within hospitals.  Share your engineering expertise by sponsoring this important week of events.

Become a corporate SPonsor

Contact the ASHE Sales Team to customize your corporate support program.