HFM Specialty Advertising

Solutions Products + Services Section

Every month, HFM features a Solutions department that showcases the latest products and services on ASHE's radar. Grab the attention of HFM readers with an exclusive promoted listing, which will appear in both the print and digital editions of HFM. Limited availability. Reserve your spot today.

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Solutions Products + Services Section

Rate: $3,250 (Limit 2 per issue)
Materials due one week prior to published ad close deadline. Submit a 200-word product description, target URL, and a high-resolution product image (4" x 3"). Content is subject to ASHE approval.

Case Study

Solidify your position as an industry thought leader by sharing your ideas and best practices in a two-page hard card (full-page ad and full-page content). Submit a print-ready PDF or collaborate with HFM to produce a product that works best for your organization. Copywriting and design services are available for an additional fee. 

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Custom Content

$8,500 (Limit 2 per issue)
Print-ready case study due one week prior to published ad close deadline. Content is subject to ASHE approval and must be labeled as "Advertisement".


Contact the ASHE Sales Team for more information and to secure your HFM ad space.