ASHE Corporate Sponsor Program

 ASHE's Corporate Sponsor Program delivers a fully customizable, year-long engagement opportunity for organizations interested in furthering the mission of the Society and advancing health care engineering throughout the field. Help ASHE develop education programs, provide orientation and training, build enthusiasm and motivation, and create a forum in which members and the vendor community can network and exchange ideas. 

How It Works

Every sponsor level in the ASHE Corporate Sponsor program consists of two elements:

1) Initiation Benefits

Key benefits are activated as soon as you become a corporate sponsor and consist of branding items, ASHE membership, and more. 

2) Custom Credit 

Allows you to choose how to promote your brand through ASHE's entire portfolio of marketing assets and events. 

Choose YOur Sponsor Level

ASHE offers four sponsor levels to choose from. The more you spend, the more benefits you'll receive. Not sure where to start? Connect with the ASHE Sales Team to determine the best sponsor level for your organization.

1) Premier SPonsor / $100,000

Initiation Benefits: $10,000 
Custom Credit: $90,000 

2) CHampion Sponsor / $75,000

Initiation Benefits: $7,000 
Custom Credit: $68,000 

3) Leader Sponsor / $55,000

Initiation Benefits: $5,000 
Custom Credit: $50,000 

4) Advocate SPonsor / $40,000

Initiation Benefits: $3,500 
Custom Credit: $36,500 

Ready to Get Started?

ASHE makes it easy to sign up. Contact us today to get a copy of the Corporate Sponsor Agreement to keep track of your marketing spend. We will coordinate with you on fulfillment to ensure your message is delivered on brand and on schedule.

Become a Corporate Sponsor Today

Contact Sue Griffin at 312-673-5586 or 
to customize your corporate sponsorship program.