Health Care Facilities Innovation Conference | July 21-24, 2024 | Anaheim, CA 

SPonsorSHIP Opportunities 

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ASHE's sponsorship and marketing opportunities can help you optimize your impact and increase your brand exposure before, during, and after the conference through strategic sponsorship and advertising opportunities. 

Right of Frist Renewal for 2024 Sponsors through September 29, 2023.

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Venue branding sponsorships

Escalator Runner

3 branded runners that are each 46’ long, on both side rails, plus the center section of the escalator entrance from the meeting room level down into the hall.


Escalator Runners - Meeting room 

3 branded runners that are each 46’ long, on both side rails, plus the center section of the escalator entrance from the registration area up to the meeting room level.


Aisle Signs

Sponsor logo will be on the bottom section of aisle signs in the exhibit hall. 

  • Even Aisle - $4,000
  • Odd Aisle - $4,000
  • Exclusive Option - $7,500


Starting at $4,000 

Hanging banners in meeting space

20' W x 5' H

  1. Level 2 - outside of room 201B
  2. Level 2 - over escalator leading to Hemisphere Ballroom where all ASHE General Sessions are held & adjacent to the exhibit hall entrance
  3. Level 1 - by registration

Starting at $4,000 

Charging stations

$8,000 | 2 available

Large cling with sponsorship-specific graphic:

  • Level 2 Fountain View - by current session rooms (23 1/2" high x 7' long) 
  • Level 2 Park View - space leading up to GS and Exhibit Hall  (23 1/2" high x 1 0' long ) 

Billboard Ads by Concurrent Session Rooms 

$5,000 | 8 available

Located throughout level 2 of the center by the concurrent session rooms. 

Exhibit Hall Entrance Area Floor Decal 

$2,500 | 6 available, each 3' x 3'

Located at the base of the escalators and visible to all attendees as they enter the exhibit hall. 

Water Coolers

$5,000 | exclusive

 Located throughout the center in ASHE meeting space, a sleeve cover will be produced and placed over the water jug of the cooler itself. 

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Education Sponsorships


$20,000 | EXCLUSIVE

This opening session is one of the highest-profile opportunities of the Annual Conference. Welcome the keynote speaker to the stage and have your logo prominently displayed in the agenda and prominently displayed during the introduction.


$12,500 | 4 Available

Reach a large audience at the best-attended sessions at the Annual Conference. Introduce the speaker(s) to the stage and have your logo prominently displayed during the introduction of the general session.*


$14,500 | X Available

Share your expertise with attendees in an engaging  60-minute session while they enjoy breakfast during the live event. Your session will be highlighted in the conference agenda and will be open to all attendees.  For optimal lead generation, attendee LeadCapture licenses are available for purchase. Sessions provide one (1) continuing education credit.*

*Session information including session name, speaker name/title/headshot, and session description must be submitted 30 days prior to the event in order to ensure enough time for ASHE to promote your session to attendees. 

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Promotional Products


$22,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Feature your logo in color on the official Health Care Facilities Innovation Conference lanyards and badges, which are worn by all attendees throughout the event.

Water Bottles

$15,000 | EXCLUSIVE

Remind attendees to stay hydrated with a complimentary reusable water bottle. Printed with your company logo, the water bottles will continue to promote your company well after the Annual Conference. 

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Booth Traffic Drivers

Lunch Sponsorship

$8,000 | 2 Available

As the sponsor of the Exhibit Hall lunch, your company will be prominently recognized on signage, napkins, and lunch tickets. Additional benefits include an opportunity to place collateral on the lunch tables, plus an option to reserve a table for invite-only guests.**

Snack Station

$3,500 | 6 Available

Draw traffic to your booth by hosting a fun snack station in your booth during Exhibit Hall hours. A choice of three stations is available first-come, first-served for Monday or Tuesday. Snacks may only be purchased through ASHE and other catering orders will not be permitted.**

Meter Board

$3,000 | 3 Available

Drive traffic to your booth by placing your marketing message on a meter board sign in the Exhibit Hall. Sponsor to provide artwork.**

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Marketing & Advertising SPonsorships

Annie the chat bot

$15,000 | Exclusive

Key Benefits: Get your brand in the hands of attendees at the 2024 Health Care Facilities Innovation Conference with the AHA event chat bot, Annie. From directions, agendas and even the weather forecast, Annie has already handled over 20,000 messages at a recent AHA event and is ready to help.  Powered by “YOU,”  Annie, the AHA Chat Bot, will assist attendees 24/7 before, during and after the show and can drive traffic to a specific site of your choosing.  Don’t miss this new opportunity to be paired with our AI-enabled Chat Bot and provide timely information to a targeted audience. Your company will also be recognized in the registration notification and other promotional materials to attendees, including slides in the general sessions and emails.**


$15,000 | Exclusive

Be the lifeline to connectivity for 2,500+ attendees. Unique password of your choice (e.g. COMPANY123), signage, and online logo recognition is included.**


$15,000 | Exclusive

Take advantage of push notifications and promoted posts to drive traffic to your booth. This opportunity also includes recognition on the home screen (subject to deadline), an exclusive section in the mobile app, and recognition in marketing collateral and onsite signage.**

**Artwork must be submitted to ASHE 30 days prior to the show and proof approved by June 30, 2023.  ASHE will assess a 20% surcharge for any artwork that is submitted after the deadline in order to offset rush printing fees. 

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